Monday, June 24, 2013


Today a Sister I know shared this status on Facebook from Joyce Meyer Ministries:

“The Enemy doesn't fear us going to church every week.

He fears us having a close and powerful relationship with God.”

I could have shouted across the house.  I know this may seem like a simple statement and one I have heard many times; but it unlocked a part of my brain that must have been asleep. 

I have been going through something for a while and it had reached the point to where today I had told the Lord that “I can’t go on one more day like this.  I know that we go through the fire; but I think this one is burning me up”.  I asked the Lord for some help…then I clicked on Facebook this morning.  When I read her status I realized that the enemy’s biggest accomplishment with me right now was getting me to forget about my relationship with the Lord.  I don’t mean that I have completely forgotten; but I forgot to cultivate it.  What do I mean by that?  Well…if He can plant seeds of doubt in your mind…about your relationship with the Lord…about your security…about your worth…about any of these things…he’s got you.  If He can get you to break down the communication between you and the Lord then He has found a way in.  If he can get you to listen to him just enough to get a toe in the door.  I was still reading my Bible everyday…I still prayed; but what was missing was the depth.  There was something between me and the Lord…

As I thought about the Facebook post I thought…more than anything I need to keep that relationship between me and the Lord protected.  I need to make sure that if there is anything between me and the Lord that it is taken care of so that the lines of communication are open.  I need to realize that no matter what happens in life as long as my relationship with the Lord doesn’t change or waiver that we can weather any storm…trial…hiccup in the road together.  Instead of trusting the Lord…praising the Lord…leaning on the Lord…I had been worrying and doubting…and placing all those weights on my own shoulders instead of His.  I have failed to trust in His love and care for me.  Shame on me.  Lord forgive me.  After all He’s done for me.  He’s never failed me yet…why should I think He would start now.  He knows where and who I am and the foundation I am built on is firm.  He sees all my frustrations and just when the pot I’m in goes to boiling He knows how to keep me there till I’m cooked all the way through!!  Lord touch my mind and help to remember you’re there and I am not alone.  You know EXACTLY what you’re doing at every moment.  Thank you Lord!!!

So, where do we go from here? 

Time to have a little talk with Jesus…and learn how to dwell in 2nd Heaven as Bro. Wright talked about this weekend. 

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