Saturday, June 15, 2013

Conversations with my Daughter

Today on the way home from the store…the kids were whining…I was hot…we all were just done for the day.  I told them to both be quiet because I had enough.  Little Bit #2 speaks up from the back…

“Mommy…I just don’t feel like you really like me anymore”.  She’s 4.  I asked her what had made her feel like that and she said that when I count she just doesn’t think I like her very much…because if I really liked her I would not punish her.  I of course told her that I will always like her.  I may not like what she’s doing or how she is acting; but I would always like her!!  

I told her that the reason mommies and daddies have to correct their children is so that they learn how to behave the right way.  That way they don’t just go around being mean and unkind to everyone they meet.  She said “Oh…I just don’t know how to very good”. 

I told her yes you do and that she was a very good little girl; but sometimes she just had some rough days.  I told her that’s what mommy was for…to help her learn.  :0)

As I sat here thinking about it I thought…isn’t that just like us.  The second the Lord begins to correct an area in our life we begin to doubt His love for us.  Because if He really loved us He wouldn’t make us go through things right? 

WRONG.  He is trying to correct our character so that when we go out in the world we will portray His ways and treat everyone the way we should.  His love for us is so great that He will not allow us to just go on the way we are.  He wants us…pleads with us…and yes directs us to change. 

He loves us too much to leave us the way we are.  Thank you Lord for loving me :0)

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