Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cold Winter Night = Warm Memories

Tonight as the wind whipped around our little house and the cold settled in for the night our family sat around the dining room table sipping hot cocoa and eating yummy cookies.  Reminded me of tons of movies I had seen as a kid...where someone stands looking into the window of a house.  They're cold and lonely outside while the little family inside is warm and cozy.  You always here some sort of happy little Christmas tune playing in the background and you see everyone inside smiling; and having such a grand time.  Depending on the story of course it usually made me smile.  How great it was tonight to be that little happy family...wrapped in the warmth we felt...with all the wonderful memories being made.  My girls first sip of hot chocolate and the fun of filling your cup with marshmallows.  Yes they had just had a bath and yes they got cookie and sticky all over them; but oh how I wouldn't trade those memories for a clean kid :0)  I so much would rather see the light in their eyes as that warm yummy chocolate hit their little mouths for the first time.  Or the giggles at the mustaches the marshmallows left behind!!  It may be *35 degrees outside; but it was a snugglie *80 inside :0)  Thank you Lord for my little family!!!

Yum yum yum :0)

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  1. Makes me feel all warm and cozy just looking through your "window".