Monday, July 4, 2011

Prayer Warriors In Training

I had a neat little experience this morning that I told several of you about already; but I wanted to write it down so that I never forget. 

Sometimes you wonder if anything you are doing is sinking in with your 3 and 2 do they even understand the concept of church...God...worship...etc...

As I was sitting in service this Sunday morning (we had an exceptional sermon on being salt of the earth and how to be a light.  Also on living what we're preaching.  It was sooooo needed by me.)  n-e-who.   :o)  As I was taking all of this in and listening to the song being sung I began to cry and worship the Lord.  I had my eyes closed; but felt both my girls gather in close to my lap.  They were sitting very still so I kept on praying.  Pretty soon I felt a little hand on my wrist and she (Sophia) raised my hand off my lap a little and began rocking it back and forth.  She was praying for me :o)  Almost instantly Maya took my other hand and followed suit. :o)  The were helping their mommy.  At that moment of course I couldn't concentrate for smiling; but I was thankful that they had felt comfortable to do that.  For the most part I tend to scare the whits out of my children when I pray so it was so sweet that they just stood and held my hands.  I thought later as I was telling their Dad about this that you know...they may not KNOW per say about the Holy Ghost...and they may not understand everything that is going on around them yet; but still they FELT something that made them want to come over and hold my hands as I prayed.  I closed my eyes and prayed a little more because I didn't want them to feel weird or awkward about what they had done.  I never want my kids to feel uncomfortable doing things for the Lord.  I want them to always feel free to learn how to move when they feel the Lord deal with them.  Who knew that they can learn some of the baby steps to this at such a young age.  They (regardless of what others may think) allowed the Lord to move them today.  They may not understand anything about what they did.  They may even think they were playing a little game (they do this at home...praying for each other); but mommy knows...mommy knows that if she continues to cultivate this in them and allow them to practice that someday they will feel free to let the Lord move them here and there as He pleases.

I needed that today :o)


  1. Absolutely Precious! Sis. Tanner shared some of your blog posts with me... Thank you for sharing! God Bless!