Monday, April 18, 2011

Heaven is not so far away!!!


Today is a brand new day!! A new day, a new opportunity to gain a little ground. One step at a time. Keep Jesus first today and remember that Heaven is not so far away.

Heaven is not so far away

When we sing and shout and pray.

For our Father lends an ear.

Jesus presence is so near.

Heavenly hosts will help us sing

Glorious praises to our King.

We can live there from day to day

"Trying to learn to ABIDE in 2nd Heaven."  Bro. Gary Wright 
Heaven is a condition we can get into and live in day to day.  We can cook, clean, train our children, and go to work in 2nd Heaven.  Let's change our elevation to day.  Maybe for just one day.  And maybe that can lead to another day, and another day, and another!!! 
Heaven is Noooooooootttttt so far away!!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!

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