Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crushing of the Rose

It takes the crushing of the rose…

Someone visited our church a while back and talked about that song; and as I laid here in bed tonight thinking about it I decided I couldn’t sleep, so here I am.

I know in my own life as well as some of those of you I have talked to personally the Lord seems to be giving us a little special attention. It seems like the Lord is down on His hands and knees and really working in our garden. I know that in me He is rooting out some things that have been there for years. Some that exist and we have been completely unaware of. I’m talking about things that have shaped the way we think, act; and feel. Things that have been so much a part of our nature that when they are gone you are surprised at how different you feel. Those things.

I remember hearing a local minster here talking one night about walls; and how that we can even build walls of protection around us so that we prevent the Lord from working on us. I remember him saying that we think because nothing is going major wrong in our lives that we’re doing alright; but in truth we are going nowhere. That really struck home with me. (song – Lord My Heart Is Open…has a whole new meaning) That you even have to open yourself up and say “Ok Lord, try me. I want to be clean”. Then when He starts that process we have to resist the temptation to hide behind those walls again. We have to hold ourselves onto the Potter’s Wheel. Bro. Brown often says we need to say that eternal yes and I wonder if maybe this is part of it. Yes Lord. It is often said that the Lord is a gentleman and He stands at the door and knocks. He does have the power to knock down that door if He chooses; but He chooses to leave that decision up to us. Will we open the door and let Him in to look around number one and then allow Him to ultimately clean house?

As I was thinking about these things I thought about my own life recently. I know that the Lord has been rooting out things. This is a tough process, as one who has lived behind walls for so long it is hard not to run for them at every opportunity. I can even name my walls I’ve lived behind them so long. =0) In my mind I understand that this is a process and that it is necessary; but to my heart, my emotions, my feelings I still cry OUCH!!! I think for me it is harder to nail myself to the cross. I am the one who has her legs and one hand nailed with the other hand free…just in case. Lord help me.

We may not know why the Lord has allowed things to happen or feelings to surface; but have faith that the LORD knows what He’s doing. If you let Him have complete control we will understand it better bye and bye. Go to Him. Let Him have His way. Just think when that root is gone out of your soil the Lord can go back and fill it up with good ground. All you will have lost will be the weed.

Don't know who wrote this; but I love the words:

"Hold on. Hold on.

Through every storm HOLD ON.

Even in the Darkest night

We walk by faith and not by sight.

Hold on. Hold on."

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