Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clean Floor

Ok guys, so you're going to look at this picture and say "This is just a picture of a bare floor. Am I missing something?". The answer is no, it's just a bare floor, nothing special; but it's the story behind this floor that is interesting.

The rest of the story:

I am not a domestic person. I hate housework. I only do it because if I didn't our house would end up on the show "Hoarders" within a couple of days. One reason I hate doing housework is because I feel (as I'm sure others do at times) that I am the only one who knows how. 

To me my house is just a place that I sleep. My life revolves around things outside my home. If I could, I would live in the church and spend my life piddling around there all day. My house to me is not really what I consider my HOME. Which would be well and good except that I am a wife and a mommy. I have realized that my husband and children do not feel the same way that I do about our house. They see it as a place of safety, peace; a refuge. To them it is a home. Because I am the woman of our house it is my job to maintain that safety and peace for them. (lightbulb) I am sure that you all have already figured this out; but it has taken me a while to learn that my family is just as important as my drive to work for the Lord. They are both different and have different responsabilities; but they are BOTH important.

The Lord has been dealing with me about Proverbs 31 and trying to become that kind of woman. The entire scripture talks about NOT being lazy!!

Ex. - ...worketh WILLINGLY with her hands...

... She ariseth also while it is yet night...

... She looketh WELL to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness...

and so on.

A few weeks ago I started out with a strong determination that before I went to bed EVERY NIGHT my children's toys would be put away, the laundry would be put in its place; and the kitchen would be clean. I know these sound like small tasks; but in my house they are not!! I did well for a while and then the snowball effect began. I went out of town to see my sister. Since then it feels like I have been playing catch up; but never the less I AM DETERMINED!!!

Now that I have given you the background let me tell you about the floor...

When we came back from my sister's house I quickly unpacked the suitcases (normally they sit for weeks) and put everything away. Now, because I am short I have to depend on my husband to put the suitcases away. I am NOT telling you this to gripe about my husband!! I have a very good husband!!  I have a point. For weeks I asked him to put them away and day after day they remained. Finally the youth trip rolled around and we needed them again so I asked him if when we got home he would put them away for me. When we came home from the youth trip I immediately emptied them and set them in this small space of floor. I didn't say anything except for once to ask him to put them away. I had determined I was not going to gripe. I was going to see if I could actually keep my mouth shut. By this time the kids have figured out that you can 1) - stack them like dominoes and then push them over, 2) - Stand on them and jump off REALLY HIGH; and 3) that they make great chairs.
Still trying to keep my mouth shut!!

So today I decided to ignore them and start my project of getting rid of toys and clothes etc. out of the girls' rooms. I was working away and Phillip got up to get ready for work. When I opened the door he was taking the suitcases out to the shop. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

That small task that he did inspired me to keep on going. One day I will get this house organized and if I keep my mouth shut sometimes the Lord will answer the desires of my heart. Yes, this patch of floor being clean was a desire of my heart.

So this small patch of clean floor symbolizes something more than just a patch of clean floor. I see victory written across it. No there are still dishes in the sink and toys on the floor; but I am determined that with the Lord's help I will be able to change from a messy person to a well-oiled cleaning machine. :-D

Hope that made you smile today. Keep on working!!

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  1. Loved it! Loved your story and your honesty. It's amazing when you come upon a scripture that speaks straight to you and what you're going through. I did that just the other day. I'm a planner. When we found out that we were moving I was trying to get us out in a certain school district and when that didn't happen, I've been planning the next few years in my mind. Then I read James 4:13-15. It floored me!